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A social networking site that connects the people sharing different interests, views, opinions and outlook on the latest topics of communications. Members may share their thoughts and ideas in the blogs and in the forum. A mutual platform to exchange information and valuable insights to develop a clear understanding of our world around. It enriches us to beat the changing atmosphere of the environment in our day today life. Topics may range through social, economic, sports, current affairs, legal,  politics, business,  movies and spirituality.

 A platform to reflect

A site that aims to develop, improve and equip an individual to grow in the areas of career, family and society. It is designed to suit the interests of the users and the partners of the initiative. Blogs, fun and news are incorporated to bring awareness on the internet community across the globe. 'Your time is our time' is the central theme of the site. The pages broadcasts the people for bringing the attention, that our focus are properly directed to the advancement of our limited resources and unlimited wants.

 'Three goals, one visionconcept aims to bring towards the people an awareness to live a fulfilling and a meaningful life. Goals may be sub-divided to have new sub-goals within itcreating a strong root of growth for a lifetime success. Why not give a try to form a vision. It explains us to have three important dimensions of the world for our well being on this earth. These are termed as goal-vision because it has both periodical short term needs and a longterm vision. Short term needs are crafted in the circle of goals and the long term need is crafted in the vision. What do we need? It is found out by carefully taking into consideration of ourinterests, our  passions and our likings. Each goal-vision works upon the inside-outside approach of an individual. What lies inside is reflected outside to our friends, to our relatives and to our neighbors. The inside thoughts, the inside thinking, the inside insight, the inside vision, the inside consciousness, the inside soul lead to what is perceived from outside of us. It shall be interpreted wrong when we wholly take what lies outside than to the things what lies inside us. The central idea is to bring a burning soul inside us to enlighten our life and fulfill the will of God through us.


Download the file from http://3goals1vision.yolasite.com

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