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About Me

My name is Panchal. I am a native of Kerala in India. Internet technology is a fascination for me. Online community has become a powerful platform to influence people for a better lifestyle. The facility of making monetary transactions, communicating through e-mails, searching for latest information, door to a vast knowledge bank, buying items and social networking has immensely carved a path to a more sophisticated means to fulfill our needs.


I like reading books, watching television and social networking. You may kindly check my Facebook profile with the name Panchal Antonees. Relationships among our friends, relatives and neighbors is the key to a more successful living in the world.

 Molecules of Three Goals Vision


I am looking to gather men, women, children and adults who share the same interests that i have, to make a better world to live in. Those with dissimilar interests are also welcome to provide their valuable opinions and suggestions to possibly enable the impossible, possible. We value the differences and the distinctions of everyone.


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